About Breath



Breath moves within us. It  moves us and connects us

to everything that is alive - we simply cannot be without it.


For most of us breathing is an unconscious habit. However, breath is so much more than just an oxygen supply.


It is through breath that we are connected to our essence, to each other and to life itself. Breathing is a total experience taking place not only on the physical level but permeating the whole being. It is an unceasing and rhythmic movement shared by every living thing in creation; it is life flowing through us, life being given to us with every breath anew.


Our breath is extremely sensitive and responsive to every moment, to the slightest change in surroundings and conditions or emotions, hence it is so easy to disturb and upset its natural flow. When we have lost the connection to this primal movement of life, we - and simultaneously our breathing - are no longer able to respond freely and spontaneously to any changes.


We need to pause and listen within, to bring attention to our breathing, and allow it to lead us to our core and reconnect us with our natural rhythm.


Breath is by nature  nourishing, supporting, moving, flowing, transforming, healing and creative and can therefore enhance these processes within us.


Breath is our companion for life and will always be there for us - what if we could be there for it, inviting and welcoming the breath as a guest of honour?