Verena Breckner

Born in Germany in 1956, Verena gained a degree in social sciences and education before moving to London in 1987, where she began working at a hospice with terminally ill people.

There she learned to appreciate the fundamental importance of touch, and of the need not to put conditions on people, but rather allow them to be and evolve as they truly are.

She became interested in Breath Therapy and was apprenticed to Mona Wirtz for several years. In 1995 she moved to Munich to deepen her understanding at the Atemhaus, one of Europe's most spiritually-inclined Breath Therapy schools, whose founder, Herta Richter, remains a profound influence on Verena's work to this day.

Verena began offering Breath Therapy in London in 1998 and continues to attend training sessions and seminars in Switzerland and Germany, where she occasionally teaches.

In everything she does, Verena is shaped and guided by her daily practise of silent meditation of the heart to which she has been dedicated for some twenty nine years.



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