Breath Therapy


Breath Therapy is a holistic body and energy work which developed in Europe during the first half of the 20th century. Its beginnings were influenced by natural medicine, Analytical Psychology, dance and movement, and by Eastern yoga and breathing techniques.


Since then Breath Therapy has evolved into many different styles, but the key  principle remains the same: for us to allow breathing to happen rather than to actively do it.

The emphasis on allowing, on being fully present and awake, on feeling and sensing rather than thinking and controlling is key to this work.


Breath Therapy offers a way of becoming more aware, of consciously perceiving your breathing and of finding your own rhythm. This will gradually lead to the discovery of your true natural breathing, which is not deliberately shaped or manipulated and which is essential to free movement and authenticity.


Breath is about life and being, and just as no one can tell you how you should be, no one can tell you how you should breathe. But by developing your own awareness you take a step towards restoring lost equilibrium and bringing together what has come apart.


The work offered here is far more than a rigid  technique or a fixed set of exercises; it is a process rather than a quick remedy, and it encourages exploration and experiential encounters with the overall aim of establishing an authentic relationship with one's breath. This relationship is something you learn to trust and follow and it can be a source of great comfort and security - you can feel at home in your breath.