Breathing Space

Sat  24th June 2017, 10:30am - 5pm




Breath and life are inseparable and any deepening of your breath experience will deepen your experience of life.


Just by shifting your attentiveness to what is already there - the primal rhythm of inhalation and exhalation - you enable the breath to align you with the source of life and with your soul. As the breath unfolds further, the soul in turn will be able to permeate the body more fully. It is like fine tuning an instrument to create the best possible sound. 


This one day workshop is offering the space and some guidance to bring conscious awareness to your breathing, which is at the same time a practice in patience, in trust and just being; not always easy, but deeply rewarding.

Anyone who resonates with the above or is just curious and willing to engage is welcome. 




The Rose Window Hermitage


Flat 20

Christcurch Court

171 Willesden Lane

London NW6 7XF


Cost per Saturday: £60, concessions available


You can book by phone or email

020 76241631

07747 503 684