Breathing Space


Come to a  day of returning to the simplicity of being, of turning inward to listen and of discovering silence and spaciousness in an otherwise noisy and crowded world.


By allowing the breath rather than controlling and manipulating it, by becoming permissive to breathing - however it wants to flow - we become more awake and receptive to the flow of life in general. No longer standing in the way, we welcome and embrace each inhalation and wholeheartedly let go the exhalation. It is then, when we are present and engaged in the whole movement, that we will find a place of stillness within, where we can rest in our breath and be nourished by it.


This one day workshop is offering the space and some guidance to explore your breath and create a relationship with it. Being with your breath for its own sake can teach you simplicity, patience and compassion.

All that is required from you is curiosity and a willingness to participate.