Breathing Space

Sat  21st October 2017, 10:30am - 5pm




Most of us have forgotten how to breathe deeply and naturally, without effort and willpower, just by allowing life to flow through us.


By relinquishing control over our breath, by witnessing what is there, by giving it space and attention, we can develop an awareness of breath and can learn to be fully present with it. When we breathe consciously - without wanting and demanding anything - we open up to breaths' gift of connecting the inner and outer world, of linking matter and spirit, of bridging the unconscious and conscious realm - we allow healing in.           Then breathing can once again nourish us on all levels of existence, far beyond the physical necessity. 


This one day workshop is offering the space and some guidance to explore your breath and to form a relationship with it. No previous experience of this kind of breath work is required, only a willingness to come and participate. 




The Rose Window Hermitage


Flat 20

Christcurch Court

171 Willesden Lane

London NW6 7XF


Cost per Saturday: £60, concessions available


You can book by phone or email

020 76241631

07747 503 684