How can this help and to whom might it be of interest?


The work enables healing in both the spiritual and the physical realms. Of great benefit to those with respiratory and/or stress-related symptoms, the therapy leads to a deeper understanding of the self. It is especially powerful at guiding and supporting us through difficult and challenging times.


Becoming attentive to the breath leads to a state of deep relaxation which promotes a relief of symptoms and a feeling of contentment and vitality. Under these improved conditions the breath flows with greater ease and has a balancing effect on the nervous system, the psyche and the whole being.


All that is required of us is a willingness to engage, to gently give up doing and to dedicate time to the process.


The list below includes some of the conditions that can be soothed by this work:


states of tension and exhaustion, anxiety, insomnia,

asthma and other respiratory problems, circulatory disorders, psychosomatic conditions, postural ailments,

and all natural processes  like pregnancy, birth, loss, bereavement and dying.